The Brake Cemetery
     at Hacker Valley, WV
           Resting Place of Leonard J. Brake
The Brake Cemetery is located approximately 4.5 miles east of Hacker Valley on County Road 3-8 at the top of Brake Mountain (see map below).  Its most well known resident is probably Leonard J. Brake, son of Jacob B. Brake and Rachel Jackson.  According to the family bible of Jacob and Rachel, Leonard was killed by federal cavalry during the Civil War (1862) "with four balls entering his body."  Family tradition says he was about to eat breakfast when the federal troops arrived, stood him beside a large tree in the yard,  and shot him in the presence of his wife and family.  One family record says Leonard was a Union soldier who became sick and went home to recover, but was shot because he was thought to be a deserter.

There are stone markers on only eight of the graves, and markings on most of them are not legible.  Several have been marked with funeral home markers.  The cemetery is on a dirt  road that can be negotiated by most cars during good weather.  County Road 3-8 is gravel to  the point where the dirt road begins, making the cemetery readily accessible during all but the worst winter weather.  See the map prepared by Sherri Brake-Recco, daughter Sage, and Buzz Brake following an August 2005 visit to the cemetery.   The cemetery is relatively well-maintained (see photo above). 

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Cora, b. 1887, d. 1891 (d. of M. O. Brake)
Jerethew, b. 1819, d. 1897 
Jerome L., (CO. L. 1 WVa Cav.) 
Leonard J., b. 1817, d. 1862
Olive (Ollie), b. 1892, d. 1899 (d. of G. W.    & M. D. Brake) 

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