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BOD Solutions
Does just the sight of the BOD bottle below cause you to break out in a sweat?  Here are links to some facts and references that may help you calm down!
    * Comparison of BOD, CBOD, COD, & TOC Values in WP Studies

   * Common BOD Ranges for Various Waste Systems

   * Typical BOD Dilutions

   * Solubility of Oxygen in Water - Various Temps and Pressures

   * Expected Values for a 300 mg/L KHP Standard

   * Toxicity in BOD Testing

   * The "Perfect" Seed 

    *  Significant changes for BOD in SM 21st Edition

*  Comparative Study - glass and plastic BOD bottles

EPA Approval for use of Specific SM 21st Ed. Methods

*  EPA Approval for use of Environmental Express plastic BOD bottles (go to Environmental Express web site)

* HQ EPA Memo encouraging Regions to approve use of LDO technology for determination of dissolved oxygen

    *  EPA Region 10 Application for requesting approval to use LDO

   *  EPA/NELAC Interpretation of CBOD QC requirements
    *  Hach LDO Method

    *  Standard Methods memo saying they never intended to require minimum of three dilutions per BOD sample

Model Safety SOP (PDF) for a small (e.g., WWTP) lab.  MS Word version.

Again, all the papers linked above are in my book.  See what else it contains here.

BOD test changes in 22d Edition of Standard Methods

To review typical slides I use in a PowerPoint presentation supporting
A Bug's-Eye-View of the BOD Test, click here.                                                  
All charts, tables, and papers linked below, and much more, can be found in my January 2007 BOD book and its supplementary CD (last updated May 2012).  To find out more about the book, click here.
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