Welcome to my web site!  This is where you can learn more about me...my heritage, my hobbies, my experiences, and more.  Please don't forget to sign my guest book...and come back often!
At the "My Heritage" pages, you will learn that the Brake family emigrated from Germany and settled in Virginia...later to become West Virginia...in the early 1700s.  You'll find Fletchers who came from Scotland, and Perrys from England.  You will meet my family and close friends. 

In "My Hobbies," you will see I enjoy fishing, hunting, genealogy,  woodworking, travel, and much more.  You might have already guessed that I enjoy photography. 

Under "My Experiences," you will find I learned to love the outdoors and its offerings at the back door of the house I grew up in...a house that was wiped out by Mount St. Helens in 1980.  You will find as a 25-year career Army officer, I traveled the globe, hence my web page subtitle, "Spinning the Globe."   My last job before retiring in April 2006 was working for the Washington Department of Ecology managing an environmental laboratory  accreditation program with 480+ labs nationwide.  Through 2009, I  did volunteer work for that program  doing on-site assessments of environmental labs.  Because some folks think I know something about the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test, I wrote a "plain talk" book on the subject...you can check it out here.  I hope you enjoy my site and pass a link to others you think might do the same.
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